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North Moat Plaza2 & Hayato Ikeda Statue Plaza

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Places marked with the d-Barai symbol are places where you can use d-Barai cashless payments. We’ll be handing out coupons and holding a stamp collection relay for d-Barai payment booths. For details, visit the Docomo booth!
North Moat Plaza2
Booth No. Booth Operator Products for sale, PR, etc.
1 Hiroshima Yamada Nigiri-ten fried fish cakes, Tenshin roasted chestnuts
2 Premium Water Application for water server deliveries, samples of natural spring water, novelty goods
3 Marudai Foods Tofu jjigae mix, tofu jjigae
4 Roadside Station: Yumeland Funo Baumkuchen made with rice flour from Funo, Funo Tacchan kimchi, green tea, grilled dango, Funo ice cream, grilled sweetfish, simmered pork belly skewer, beef skewers, yakitori grilled chicken, grilled conger eel with sanshō pepper from Miyoshi, Miyoshi Oya-dori Chicken yakitori, grilled whole Japanese leeks from Shōun-ji Temple in Funo, draft beer
5 Tori-ichi Hiroshima Kannon Kara-age fried chicken, crispy fried chicken skins, fries, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks
6 Marukome Amazake
7 Daihatsu Hiroshima Nibako: Restaurant Sainei Candied fruits (Japanese pear, grapes, etc.), vegetable sticks, craft cola, tomatoes, cabbages, flower arrangements using artificial flowers
8 Kagoshima Tonkatsu Sōbi (Fukuyama) Fried pork tenderloin, fried pork roast, curry, fried food on a stick, fries, kara-age fried chicken, instant curry, draft beer, soft drinks
9 Shimane Aquarium Aquas Pin workshop, PR for Aquas Aquarium
10 Kita-Hiroshima-cho Geihoku Dolce (ice cream), Kita-Hiroshima-cho tourism PR
11 Tono-sama Lotus Root Karashi-renkon spicy lotus root, croquettes, kara-age fried chicken
12 Castle Tower Beef skewers, salted grilled yamame trout, grilled squid
13 Link Up Akaushi wagyu skewers, pork belly skewers, beef tongue skewers, pork franks
14 Sendai Grilled Beef Tongue Beef tongue skewers, chicken skin skewers, grilled scallops, squid skewers
15 Kawanaka Soy Sauce Different kinds of soy sauce, soy sauce soft serve ice cream
16 Ogura-en Green tea (28th only)
16 Ikori-an (Bingo Fuchū-yaki Promotion Association) Bingo Fuchū-yaki (29th only)
17〜18 Kirin Beer Beers, low-malt beers, new products, low/non-alcoholic beers, Western liquors, liquors, soft drinks
19 Ōnan Iwami Wagyu skewers, simmered Iwami Wagyu
20 Kumezakura Brewery Sliced ham, beef skirt steak, beef hanging tender, beef ribeye roll, pork cheeks, spare ribs, char siu, tripe, simmered intestines, deep-fried ham, sausages, bacon, beef tendons, fried minced beef patties, kara-age fried chicken, local beer, local sake 
21 Kirishima Brewery Authentic shōchū spirits (served mixed with soda, on the rocks, mixed with water, or mixed with hot water)
22 Gansu Musume's Umai de Gansu (Miyake Fisheries) Gansu fried fish cake, cheesy snack, okonomiyaki made with dashi stock, fish paste croquette, large gansu fried fish cake, kara-age style fried octopus, oysters with ponzu citrus soy sauce, oysters
23 Yamatoyo Japanese pickles, side dishes, Hiroshima-na greens grilled cake
24 Korean Cuisine Bokuden Fried chicken, tteokbokki, moksal pork, draft beer, makgeolli
25 Kushi-style Yakisoba, grilled squid
26 Dream Beer Applications for home beer taps, craft beer sales, novelty goods
27 JA Tottori Japanese leeks, Japanese leek tempura
28 JA Tottori Sliced Saijō persimmons (Kitarō-gaki), whole Saijō persimmons (Kitarō-gaki)
29 Kei Market Hamachi (young Japanese amberjack) in sweet and sour sauce, octopus ajillo, sautéed  hamachi, car display
30〜32 Festival Executive Committee Games corner (ring toss, bulls-eye, rubber ducky game)
33〜34 Sapporo Beer Yakisoba, fried oysters, fries, kara-age fried chicken, simmered intestines, draft beer
35 Radio DJ Photo Booth (for those who purchased an advanced copy of RCC Radio's Gozen Sama-sama) Radio DJ Photo Booth (for those who purchased an advanced copy of RCC Radio's Gozen Sama-sama)
36 RCC Merch Shop RCC merch, merch from TBS television shows, manjū cakes
37 RCC SDGs Love Green Project: Secondhand Clothing Drive Secondhand clothing drop-off point
Hayato Ikeda Statue Plaza
Booth No. Booth Operator Products for sale, PR, etc.
RCC's Motonari TV show PR
2 Sakurao Brewery and Distillery Alcoholic beverages
3 Ajikan Broiled sushi rolls
4 Agri Alliance Roasted peanuts, peanut paste, Japanese leek sauce, flavored peanuts, boiled peanuts, raw peanuts
5 Iwashi-jima Tree Onions Kakiage, kara-age fried chicken, tree onions
6 Babachup Homemade ketchup, fries
7 Okomen Noodle-making Factory Okomen noodles, Okomen yakisoba, Okomen stick snacks
8 Kaki-musume Chicken and oyster sauce sauté